What are UTM codes?

A UTM code is a snippet of simple code that you can add to the end of a URL to track the performance of campaigns and content. There are 5 variants of URL parameters you can track – source, medium, campaign, term and content. Dimensions you track via UTM codes show up in our analytics reports to give you a clearer insight into our marketing performance.

UTM stands for “Urchin Traffic Monitor. This name comes from Urchin Tracker, a web analytics software that served as the base for Google Analytics.

A UTM code looks something like this:


The part starting after ‘?’ is the UTM code. As you might have guessed, this particular code tracks who sent the traffic to the page (i.e. the source).

The UTM code itself has two components:

  • UTM Parameter – that starts with utm_. There are 5 separate parameters you can track: utm_source, utm_campaign, utm_content, utm_term (more on these below).
  • Tracking variable – a unique variable to identify the dimension being tracked (such as the name of the traffic source). This variable is preceded by the “=” sign. You can have only numbers, letters, hyphens, ‘+’ sign and periods in the variable.

UTM codes can be long and complex, luckily for you there is no need for you to ever remember the link.

Adding the UTM code doesn’t impact the actual page. You can very well delete the UTM code from the URL and the page would continue to load normally.

The code only serves one purpose: to help your analytics tool track the source of your visitor.

For marketers, this means that you can use these codes to calculate the impact of your campaigns. If you’ve ever struggled with marketing attribution, UTM codes will come extremely handy.

Sounds good..How do we try this?

It’s really quite simple, you let us do it for you.  As we (URUS Marketing Group) have access and control over all your analytics we can easily set up the proper UTM links to track your campaigns within minutes.

What we need from you is the following:

  • Is it an Online ad or Offline ad
  • What medium will be used for the Ad:  Magazine, Newspaper, Banner etc
  • The URL from one of our websites
  • Any Keywords that might be used to find the URL
  • How long you want to track the URL

You simply send all the information indicated above and we use the form to the right to build the link.  If you are using the link in a offline medium we will provide you a Unique Short URL that will look something like this:  bit.ly/URUSUTM

If the medium will be online you will likely be provided with a URL similar to above

Measuring Success

Once the ad or link has been published we will start getting real time data based on the unique link that we created.  This is the perfect way to track the effectiveness of advertisements that are published in either online or offline mediums.  No longer do we need to question or guess if running an external or internal ad is working.

Whether you are looking for a basic overview or a detailed report on sales leads we can create those reports to prove your marketing efforts are working, or perhaps provide information on what needs to be adjusted to be successful.

We look forward to measuring your campaigns success.

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