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  • Cees Hartmans
    Cees Hartmans Chief Executive Officer

    Cees Hartmans is the Chief Executive Officer of URUS. He took on this role after serving as the CEO of Alta Genetics and Koepon Holding since 1999. His vision for URUS is to combine the best of the cooperative and private business approaches into the world’s leading company for cattle breeding and herd management information.

  • Keith Heikes
    Keith Heikes Chief Operating Officer

    Keith Heikes is the URUS Chief Operating Officer. He has dedicated over 37 years to working in the cattle industry. He spent 28 of those years with one of URUS’ founding organizations, Cooperative Resources International (CRI).

  • Roland Bakker
    Roland Bakker Chief Financial Officer

    Roland Bakker serves as the Chief Financial Officer of URUS. His background includes 17 years as the CFO of Koepon Holding. He earned his master in business economics in Groningen.

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