It all centers around the cow

URUS was established to meet the needs of dairy and beef cattle producers around the globe today and far into the future.

As a holding company with cooperative and private ownership, URUS connects well-established agricultural organizations – Alta Genetics, GENEX, Jetstream Genetics, PEAK/GENESIS, SCCL and VAS. Each of these organizations has its own unique identity, products and services.

These companies provide cutting-edge genetics to accelerate genetic progress, customized reproductive service to maximize conceptions, dairy management information to take producers to the frontline of smart dairy farming, and an array of products and services to help the cow achieve her genetic potential. Put simply, these companies focus on the cow and her caretaker.

Yet, URUS is more than the sum of its parts. The URUS framework facilitates synergies between its companies – synergies that will drive new developments. The size and scale of URUS also contributes to significant investment in research and technology. URUS will build the tools, products and genetics that cow caretakers will need for the sustainable, productive and profitable herds of tomorrow.

Count on URUS – and its companies – to be in it for the long term. Count on URUS to invest in the products and services that will enhance producers’ abilities to be successful in effectively and efficiently feeding the world.

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