The PEAK program is the industry’s most comprehensive dairy cattle breeding program providing cutting-edge genetics to members and clients across the globe. This new program – a combination of the previous Koepon PEAK program and the former GENEX GENESIS program – will drive genetic improvement on a global and individual herd basis, accelerating genetic progress for all major breeds like no organization has done before. And, this will be done with complete commitment and focus on members’ and clients’ results.

The PEAK program was initiated in 2012, and since has become one of the most successful Holstein female programs in the industry with numerous top-ranked males and females. In recent years, a Jersey component was added with excellent initial results.


Combining their genetic power, PEAK will produce unparalleled genetic excellence to assist members and clients around the world in building sustainable, productive and profitable herds.

Mission Statement
We drive genetic improvement on a global and individual herd basis through a total genetic program with commitment and complete focus on our clients’ results.

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